Quality management system

What is a Quality Management System?

A quality management system is your commitment to your customer that you will provide them with added assurance that you will meet their requirements and deliver a quality product or service.

Why Have One?

Your customers are looking for the confidence that can be provided by a business with an effective quality management system. Some of the benefits of achieving certification are:

  • Improved performance and productivity;
  • Greater focus on business objectives and processes;
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction;
  • Increased confidence that the intended quality is being achieved and maintained;
  • New market opportunities and/or expanded market share;
  • Enabling your business to bid on government procurements that require a conforming and certified quality management system be in place to be considered for award;
  • Reduced operating costs, increased productivity and higher profitability;
  • Improved internal communications and employee involvement;
  • Recognition for having achieved certification to an internationally recognized standard for a Quality Organization. You are a cut above your competition.
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