QMS Solutions offers training and consulting services to help your organization gain certification to ISO and AS management system standards as well as improve your management system. These include:

Support to Achieve Certification to a Management System Standard

Many of our clients are looking for support to achieve certification to a management system standard. QMS Solutions advocates a three phase approach that allows our clients to achieve certification in an efficient, timely, and cost effective way. Within the broad outlines of this approach, different organizations have different needs, depending on the organization's maturity, complexity, and existing processes as well as the availability and expertise of resources within the organization. Because different organizations have different needs, we do not use standard packages of services. We work together to determine what services your organization needs to be successful, and then contract with you to provide those services. You remain in the driver's seat, authorizing only the services you need, and you don't need a crystal ball to determine your needs in advance. The types of services we often provide to clients seeking certification include:

  • Education and training
  • Project planning support
  • Gap or readiness assessments
  • Documentation support
  • Document review
  • Advice and problem solving
  • Internal auditing
  • Support for selecting a certification body

Please note that QMS Solutions does not provide certification auditing services. You will contract with an accredited certification body for the certification audit process, as it would be a conflict of interest for us to consult with a client and then do their certification audit.

Education and Training

Successful implementation and maintenance of a management system requires ongoing involvement from the organization's staff, including top management, process owners, and everyone affected by the processes. Therefore, it is critical that key staff have a clear understanding of requirements and their roles and responsibilities in the management system. We know you are busy, so we bring the education to you, providing the education and training you need onsite and working with your schedule. For more information, see Education and Training.


Wondering how much work needs to be done to achieve certification? Or are you concerned about whether you're ready for your certification or transition audit? QMS Solutions can conduct a gap analysis or readiness assessment to identify any gaps that should be addressed, along with recommendations for how to do so. These assessments can form the basis for effective planning to address any gaps and achieve a successful certification.


QMS Solutions contracts with you to provide consulting services to support whatever else you need, including things like project planning support, assistance developing policies and objectives, review of documented information, general advice and troubleshooting, etc. We can provide this support on site or remotely, according to your preference.

Documentation Support

Some clients find that they struggle to document the processes they've identified as essential to their management system. We understand that blank page can be intimidating! If a little consulting advice on how to tackle the document isn't enough, or your process owners are too busy, or you need some help getting past writer's block, we offer documentation support services. One of our consultants will meet with process stakeholders to understand how the process works within your organization and brainstorm any changes you might want to make, either to conform to requirements or to improve your process. We will then draft your process (and supporting documented information as needed), return it to you for comments, and make updates as needed.

Internal Auditing

Many of our clients run their own internal auditing programs to great effect, driving continual improvement. (See our Education and Training page for information on internal auditor training.) Some clients, however, have barriers to running an effective internal auditing program on their own. For those clients, we are happy to work with you to develop an effective internal auditng program and conduct your internal audits. See our Outsourcing Internal Audits page for more information.

Support for Improving Your Management System

Once you've achieved certification, the work is not over! Now it's time to focus on continual improvement. Is your internal audit program yielding lackluster results? Does top management find management review to be long, tedious, and a waste of time? Do you worry whether you're monitoring and measuring your processes in an appropriate way? Are you struggling to identify and address risks and opportunities? QMS Solutions can review your systems and provide guidance on how to improve them so that your management system is an integral part of achieving your organization's strategic goals. Areas we often see clients struggling with include:

  • Designing an effective internal audit program that drives performance, not just conformance
  • Designing management reviews that engage top management and give them the right information at the right time in the right format to make the best decisions for the organization
  • Designing a system of metrics throughout the organization that efficiently provides the organizational intelligence to avoid problems and identify high priority areas for improvement
  • Designing an effective risk management system appropriate to the organization

You've invested the resources to achieve certification. Now, it's time for your management system to deliver a return on that investment. You're going to have to keep investing to maintain the certification. Make sure you're investing wisely so your investment yields bottom line results, not just a certificate.

Contact us for more information and a quote to provide support for achieving certification or improving your management system.

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