Approach for Achieving Certification

QMS Solutions offers a structured approach that assures 100% success. We provide the requisite training and consulting services to assist organizations to plan, document, implement, achieve and maintain certification in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Phase One- Planning

Management and the project team receive training to enable them to understand the requirements for a conformant management system and agree on the gap between what the business has and what will be needed to develop the management system.

The output for this phase is a gap analysis and baseline assessment, a process map of the business, the scope of the registration, a policy and the first cut at some objectives and the plan with a timeline for documenting and implementing the management system to achieve certification.

Phase Two – Management System Development

The project team will receive training to acquire the skills that will enable them to document their management system. The team will acquire a number of valuable tools which will enable them to identify key processes and develop the necessary procedures in a systematic manner. The processes will be aligned against the specific standards requirements with linkage agreed to with the process owners. The output of this phase is a documented management system consisting of all the identified documented information necessary to conform to requirements.

Phase Three – System Assessment and Registration

The tools that ensure that the management system is conformant include both internal audits and external assessments. The internal audit team will acquire the skills to enable them to audit the management system. The team usually consists of a cross section of personnel from all levels and functions of the organization. The internal audits will reveal any discrepancies between what is required, what was documented and what is done in practice. The documentation will then either be accepted, amended or personnel trained to properly use the documentation. The last step is to arrange for an external auditor (registrar) to confirm that the management system meets the requirements of the standard and the organization. The output of this phase is to be recommended for certification.

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